Exiting Maintenance Mode “end of header not found”

While running through a large vSAN cluster upgrade project recently i ran into the occasional issue where hosts would fail to exit maintenance mode following an upgrade from ESXi 6.7U3 to 7.0. The error seen was “A general system error occurred: end of header not found” This is caused by unused entries in the hostd

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VMs with Ballooned or Swapped memory

Here is a short script that will list all VMs that have Swapped & Ballooned Memory, it can be useful for tracking down VMs experiencing performance issues on clusters running into contention issues get-vm | select name, @{N=’MemoryMB’;E={$_.MemoryMB}}, @{N=’SwappedMemory’;E={$_.ExtensionData.Summary.QuickStats.SwappedMemory}}, @{N=’Ballooned’;E={$_.ExtensionData.Summary.QuickStats.BalloonedMemory}} | Where {$_.SwappedMemory -ne “0” -or $_.Ballooned -ne “0”} | ft  1,743 total views,  2 views today

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CPU Overcommitment

While I know there are a 1000 blog posts out there talking about CPU overcommitment, I felt compelled to write my own following a conversation I had recently. Me: “I’ve noticed you’re running 6.25:1 overcommitment ratio. Have you looked into how your VMs are performing recently? Customer: “No, the hosts CPU doesn’t look busy and

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Which host should i deploy to based off current CPU & Memory usage?

The function “VP-WhichHost” will check the average CPU & Memory utilization of a specified cluster and then display all hosts that are below the average. All results are taken from real time metrics. It is broken out into 3 sections of “Below Average Memory”, “Below Average CPU” & “Below both AVG CPU & Memory” to

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List all hosts in a cluster then pull the CDP Information

The function “VP-HostCDPInfo” will list all hosts in cluster $Global:CLUChoice from DC $Global:DCChoice, you can then select a host and list its CDP information for each NIC Get host CDP Informationfunction VP-HostCDPInfo { $hosts = Get-datacenter $Global:DCChoice | Get-Cluster $Global:CLUChoice | get-vmhost Write-Host “================ Select host ================” $i = 1 $hosts | ForEach-Object -Process {

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