Connect-VIServer “The SSL Connection Could Not be established”

A super quick post about an issue you’re only really likely to see the first time you use PowerCLI on a system. If youre vCenter is using a certificate that’s not trusted by your device you will see the error: “The SSL Connection could not be established, see inner exception” Fortunately, it’s a quick fix

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VMs with Ballooned or Swapped memory

Here is a short script that will list all VMs that have Swapped & Ballooned Memory, it can be useful for tracking down VMs experiencing performance issues on clusters running into contention issues get-vm | select name, @{N=’MemoryMB’;E={$_.MemoryMB}}, @{N=’SwappedMemory’;E={$_.ExtensionData.Summary.QuickStats.SwappedMemory}}, @{N=’Ballooned’;E={$_.ExtensionData.Summary.QuickStats.BalloonedMemory}} | Where {$_.SwappedMemory -ne “0” -or $_.Ballooned -ne “0”} | ft  1,683 total views,  2 views today

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Gathering vSAN Health information

Useful commands you can run to gather vSAN & Storage related information for troubleshooting  uptime vmware -vl esxcli vsan cluster get esxcli vsan health cluster list esxcli vsan health cluster get -t=”Overall disks health” esxcli vsan storage list esxcli storage core device list esxcli storage core device stats get Much of this is useful to

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