Update to VMware’s per-CPU Licencing

As I am sure you’re aware, AMD has been releasing some monster CPUs with as many as 64 cores per socket & Intel with up to 48 cores per socket. This has lead to it being possible to move to single socket servers while still being able to satisfy CPU demand… Up to this point, it then meant you could get away with only buying a single ESXi licence per server potentially saving you a lot of money!

VMware have now caught up with the trend of ever larger core counts and have stated that a single licence will only cover the first 32 cores. If you have a larger core count you will need to by a 2nd licence

For Example – AMDs 3990X with 64 Cores will now require 2 licences

What about Pre-Existing environments? Fortunately, if you deploy prior to April 30th, 2020 you will be eligible for an additional free per-CPU licence to cover the core count.

For more information, check out the article below



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