Deploy a vRealize Network Insight cluster using Lifecycle manager

The below steps assume you have an existing environment deployed and you’re simply wanting to add vRNI to it.
Before you get started, please ensure that you have collected your IP information & have configured DNS entries for the platform and collector VMs.

Log into vRLCM and go to the environments section:

Find the environment you want to deploy to, click “” and select Add Product:

Select the installation type, the version you wish to deploy and then the deployment type. Here, we are going to deploy a cluster:

Accept the EULA:

Select a licence to assign:

Select a certificate to use:

Select the vSphere infrastruture to deploy to e.g vCenter, Cluster and Network port group:

Enter the general network information and domain/dns details:

Enter the VM name and IP information for the platform and collector nodes:

Run the precheck to confirm everything will run as expected:

Resolve any identified errors:

Confirm details are correct and hit submit:

Monitor until complete!

Its as easy as that!


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