DRaaS – On-boarding A New DR Site

Complete Protected Site

A completed protected site will display the following objects:

  1. 2-4 Connectors
  2. 1 or more configured vCenters
  3. A healthy Cloud Backup Target (CFS)

Once the additional configuration is completed, you will also see:

  1. Number of Protected VMs
  2. Protected VMs as a percentage of total VMs on site
  3. Total Number of Snapshots taken
  4. A summary of Protection Groups. This is not a complete list


Configure Site

  1. Browse to VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery → Select Dashboard and then click Set up a protected site

  2. Complete the requested information e.g. Connection type, Timezone & On-Premises site name
  3. Your site will now look like this:

Deploy Connectors

Prerequisites – IP/DNS

  • 1 IP address per connector – must be on a subnet with access to vCenter & ESXi
  • Subnet Mask
  • Gateway address
  • DNS IP(s)
  • Service Account for Connectors to access vCenter – Account must be an Administrator (For a restricted account see – LINK)

Install connector OVA

  1. Browse to your protected site and click Deploy connector. Take note of this information

  2.  Log into the on premisis vCenter, right click the cluster that you intend to deploy to and select Deploy OVF Template
  3. Enter the Appliance OVA URL noted in step 1 and click Next

  4. Accept the SSL Certificate

  5. Specify the VM name and the folder to be used, click next

  6. Specify which Cluster you want to deploy to

  7. Select the datastore to install to

  8. Select the network to use

  9. Confirm and complete

Configure resource reservations

Right Click the deployed VM → Edit Settings and set the reservation figures to reserve all configured CPU and Memory 

Configure vCenter

Due to the nature of the connector VMs, they are sensitive to how they’re power cycled. This means that simply rebooting or starting up following a HA event often leads them to be missing configuration and being unable to talk to the DRaaS orchestrator. Because of this, we have had to implement a custom method for handling HA failovers and we force the VMs to remain powered off following a HA event.  As you can see in the below image we have vSphere HA Restart Priority set to Disabled

  1. Go to the cluster hosting the connectors & Select Configure → VM Overrides

  2. Click Add and find the VM you want to add → check the box and click next

  3. Check Override for VM Restart Priority and set it to disabled 

Configure DRS Rule

Here we’re going to stay under the cluster configuration → Go to VM/Host Rules & Click Add

Prerequisites – Service Account


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